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Rapz Chewy No No 'Big Biters'™

(Code: AB02209A)
Size :
Rapz Chewy No No 'Big Biters'™
  • Rapz Chewy No No 'Big Biters'™
  • Rapz Chewy No No 'Big Biters'™

The High Performance Cohesive Bandage

Protection and support for tendons & ligaments. 

Practical and cost effective.

Sticks only to itself - not to skin, fur, feathers or hair!

  • Starter tab on all varieties makes it easy to locate the start of the roll.
  • When applied correctly, provides excellent elastic return pressure with lower risk of compromising circulation.
  • More usable length at recommended 50% stretch during application - more bandage for your money!
  • Superbly flexible and shape conforming.
  • Sterilizable - Ideal for orthopedic procedures.
  • A lot more choice for you and your clients!
  • Designed to provide measured compression to limbs and joints whilst maintaining non-slip support.

    CHEWY NO NO 'Big Biters' Rapz comes in variety packs which contain three of each design.
  • T-REX

    Available in 2", 3" & 4" widths.