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(Code: HB02311A)
Size :
  • Kittycath™
  • Kittycath™

Can be used with or without stylet.

Designed with advanced features and multiple size and end hole options, KittyKath™ is suitable for use in the treatment of FLUTD, bladder drainage or urethra flushing in cats.  Each single use catheter is packed sterile in a clearly marked color card box.  Within the box a Millpack™ sterilsation pouch is used, providing ultimate pack safety and sterility whilst in storage.  Each KittyKath™ catheter is covered with a sheath to maintain sterility during insertion.  Each pack also includes a sachet of sterile Vet-Lubigel™ to assist glide during insertion, minimizing trauma, and maximizing comfort for your patient.  Ease of insertion and feel is provided by the easy grip and feel hub connected to the stylet, the same hub as used on the traditional Anicath™ IV catheter to guide the tube gently down the urethra to the bladder.

  • Bevel led soft, atraumatic catheter tip for ease of insertion and ultimate comfort, minimising patient trauma.
  • Protective sheath provides continued sterility during insertion and unblocking.
  • Accurate hub finger stylet grip, assists in the careful insertion of catheter.
  • Freely rotating suture disc to allow free patient movement and suturing to the prepuse
  • Welded hub/catheter link so no separation occurs during flushing
  • Luer Lock suture hub for attachment to drainage system or syringe for flushing.
  • Short-Term (6 hours).
  • KittyCath™ is ultra soft and softens very quickly - more comfortable whilst inserted into the urethra and bladder.
  • Radiopaque (X-Ray detectable)