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Aniflow™ Burette NF 60drops/ml

(Code: NF06960A)
Aniflow™ Burette NF 60drops/ml
  • Aniflow™ Burette NF 60drops/ml
  • Aniflow™ Burette NF 60drops/ml

For accurate control and delivery of a measured amount of fluid to your animal patient.  Ideal for use on patients requiring a smaller amount of fluid drawn from the bag or bottle, for mixed medication or combination fluid therapy.

Aniflow Burette is a sterile 150ml cylindrical chamber Incorporated with a 1.65m (74”) fixed pediatric/microbore iv set.

  1. |Features|

    The Burette Chamber

    • The Aniflow Burette chamber is clearly marked with 1mL graduations and a latex injection port and capped air priming filter vent on the top. Provides accurate control of measured amounts of fluid to 1mL.
    • Prevents hypervolemia as your patient can only receive as much fluid or medication as you fill in the burette chamber.
    • Within the clear Burette fluid cylinder, there is a red shut-off float disc which allows for accurate visual readings of fluid volumes within the 150mL chamber.  Once administration of fluids are completely finished the float disc will seal the bottom of the chamber preventing air running through the iv set and possibly entering your patient; this also reduces the risk of blood flowing back up through the IV catheter (Cannula).

    The Attached IV Set

    • Attached to the distal end of the 150mL Aniflow Burette Chamber is the IV line, a 60 drops/mL Needle Free injection port pediatric/microbore iv set with Anti-Kink®; tubing coupled with a unique fluid priming end cap. The priming cap allows the iv set to be primed, expelling all the air bubbles without losing any fluid, so no wastage of medication and keeping your patient and work area clean and dry. The Anti-Kink®; line facilitates continuous fluid flow during caged recovery and peace of mind when looping the distal end of the IV line when securing to your patient.
    • Our safer swabable Needle Free (NF) injection valves (sites) allow the introduction of medication to the IV line without the use of needles, removing the incidence of needle stick related injuries, accidents and costs. The NF injection sites are engineered to allow a push fit coupling of your preferred injection device providing flexibility in the use of either Slip Luer or Luer Lock syringes.  The position, shape and design of NF valves (sites) allow for maximum patient comfort when securing the distal end of the IV set to your animal patient.
  2. |How To Set Up The Burette Set|
    1. Close both roller clamps on the Aniflow Burette.
    2. Insert the spike of the Burette into the fluid bag/container (ensure the blue vent cap on top of the Burette is open), now open the roller clamp above the Burette and allow to fill to the required volume.  Close the roller clamp once required amount is reached.
    3. Now the iv set can be primed, gently squeeze the smaller drip chamber to the pediatric iv set allowing no more than half the chamber to be filled with fluid.
    4. Now open the roller clamp on the iv set, this will now prime the set with fluid (it's always advisable to invert the needle free injection ports as the fluid is about to fill this part of the tubing, this forces dead space air from the line).  Once the fluid has reached the blue priming cap your Burette is ready to be connected to your patient.
    5. Dock your IV line in the port on the back side of the roller clamp until you are ready to connect to your T-Port or IV catheter (IV Cannula).